Palmberg | immersive 3D projection


Palmberg contacted us to present their new furniture prototypes in a totally different way. They wanted something that clients have never seen before, something like VR but without glasses and an experience able to share in a small group of people. After presenting some ideas, we decided for a 3D projection in a 7m x 7m multimedia room. We were able to tell a story to the audience about the conception and possibilities of the new awesome P4 module shelf system. It was a pleasure to see the audience reaction in some points of the projection and to have direct feedback from them.

Here your can check the final result

And also here a bit behind the scenes.

This has been our first team work experience as a content agency and leading the content development. The client, audience and us are very happy with the final result and we want to say thank you to each team member, without them this wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks to Kasia Bodziak to help us with the concept, to Andreas Schwarzburger from Luminaten for the technical plan and projectors, Tina Braun, Matthias Zosel, John Siebert, Bacho Jachvadze for the content development, Christopher Schmidt for his amazing sound concept and Moritz Esser and Ralph Striebinger from Musebox.