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your personal trainer for professional communication

AI powered role-play simulations

  • Realistic gamified Interactions:

    Characters are reactive, the conversation adapts based on your verbal input. Try new approaches to achieve your goal and you will be surprised!

  • Personalized Feedback:

    After your conversation, our AI tutor provides meaningful and constructive feedback to help you refine your communication skills.

  • Voice-Enabled natural conversations:

    In mpthy, conversations feel natural. We use intuitive real-time speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology.

Focus on your conversation!

  • Fast onboarding and effortless interaction:

    No need for VR controllers. The most commonly used buttons can be triggered by hand gestures to speed up interactions in a natural way.

  • High emphasis on the authenticity of your conversation:

    Our scenes and characters are carefully designed to help you focus on your communication performance and reduce distractions.

  • Meet our unforgettable NPCs:

    Our characters have been fine-tuned to have personality and emotional status. You will love them… or hate them.

LMS Learning Management System integration 

  • Create your courses according to your specific needs

    Flexible system to create your usual e-courses and use our AI mpthy experience as an activity in the course.

  • Real teachers & tutors community:

    Involve teachers, gamify the results and allow your students to share and comment on the conversations that take place in mpthy.

  • Track the progress of your organisation’s social skills:

    Ensure that your organisation achieves a certain level of skills in their simulations with proven goals.

We are collecting feedback!

If this training system is interesting for you or for your organization, we want to know what do you think about it.

Flexible and customizable. 

Language Models

We have our favourite, its already customized, fast, realiable and fine tuned. If you prefer others or your organization prefer to host their own we, can connect them.

Speech to text | Text to speech

At the moment the services we use have very low latency and they are very cost effective, but if you prefer others or your own hosted services we can do the integration.

LMS integration

Our LMS is modern and flexible but if your organization prefers to work with another LMS we can integrate the application to make it work with yours.

Who can benefit from this app?

  • Healthcare and emergency services personnel:

    These use cases were the first to come to mind. They are called first responder applications. We all deserve to have police, firefighters, nurses and doctors with the best possible training in human communication.

  • Corporate and Business:

    This application can have a huge impact on a range of business communication applications. Almost every level of the corporate structure requires refined communication skills for leadership, human resources, team management, sales, customer support, dispute resolution and presentations.

  • Therapy, conflict resolution, mediation…

    Role-playing is typically used in training for therapy, counselling, non-violent communication training, crisis management, security training or event entertainment.

We have a Prototype!!

  • Oculus Quest devices:

    We believe that the best conversation feel and the best learning experience is in VR. Today, even for beginners, standalone VR experiences can provide a seamless experience. Just put on the headset and start your journey.

  • 4 Scenarios… and more are coming:

    We have four professional environment scenarios, two related to healthcare, one with manager communication training and another with customer experience in the hotel management sector. We are open to creating the scenario your organisation needs. Talk to us about it!

  • Mutilanguage:

    English, german and spanish are our current languages avilable. Its quite possible that we will add some more very soon.


Do you want a workshop?

We can arrange a workshop where you can try our prototype and showcase other social impact immersive technology.