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When we conduct workshops with our project partners, the primary goal is to activate and structure the inherent creativity of all participants and transform it into new ideas or inspirations for interactive experiences. The human (user) is always at the center of any experience. The immersive technology remains in the background as much as possible and serves the narrative. Or to put it simply: entertaining knowledge transfer with heart.
  • Interactive Media Strategy: The needs are as varied as the requests. From “I have no idea at all yet and am open to everything.” to ” Please something with AR.” to ” How can we sustainably implement our new concept with state-of-the-art? “, we address each request personally with a consultation and/or workshop. Based on the insights and ideas gained in the WS, we then develop the appropriate strategies for an unforgettable User Journey.
  • Future Skills: What skills will be important for the future of work? What can be automated will be automated. What exactly does that mean for young people? A paradigm shift is taking place in the future of work, and well-trained soft skills in particular will be more in demand than ever. In our workshops, we playfully explore the possibilities of empathy with the help of VR and a body swap exercise.
  • Game – Design: Can elementary school students be game -designers? The answer is: YES. In our workshops even the youngest learn about game design, drawing, teamwork, mathematics and they also deepen their knowledge on a specific topic (solar system, sugar content in food, history, culture, politics). Together we create an analog game that can then be easily transformed by the students themselves or by us into a digital game that can be shared and played on a homepage of their choice. The pride of the students about their own achievement is guaranteed.
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