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serious games & didactic experiences

Designing simulations and learning experiences is one of our most basic passions. Making the complex easier to understand and having fun while learning are the keys to knowledge transfer. Every teacher knows that achieving a successful teaching experience is a challenge in itself. Approaching a problem through the lens of play offers new perspectives and solutions for children, students and families. Here you can find the same game mechanics applied to two different themes. Try them, learn and have fun!

Sugar Game

Find out how much sugar is hidden in food.

All cards and their contents were developed by the young game designers of class 5A (2021/22) and teacher Mrs Lindner at the primary school at Koppenplatz in Berlin-Mitte.


Moon Game (multilanguage)

Play and learn facts from moon you didn't knew

All cards and their contents can be managed using our content management system


At vr4content we use games and gamification to create learning interactive content and make them enjoyable and fun. To do this, we first work closely with our clients to define and narrow down the objectives through workshops. We then work together to develop the appropriate game mechanics for the specific case.
Depending on your needs, we offer to our clients separate services:
  • Conception and design of interactive educational activities: In case you just need to achieve a concept that makes sense for you and your target. You can leave it to us or we can co create an amazing interactive experience.
  • Documentation, advice, cost analysis and work plans for funding applications: In case that your cultural institution needs to apply for funds we can provide you with our expertise to document and helps you to apply with a project that makes sense.
  • Content production: If you already have a clear idea of what you want to do, we will be happy to make it happen. Our team (3D experts, designers and developers) has made it clear on numerous occasions that they are capable of anything.
  • Project management for third parties: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We know from experience every step that needs to be taken and every delicate moment in the development of interactive media content. If you have a clear idea and the perfect team, you can count on us and our agile methodologies to succeed and keep your project on time and on budget.
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