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interactive virtual tours | 2020

Here you can check an example of our interactive virtual tours.
In this case it was made for TWM Hotel Berlin to promote their “signature rooms”. Immerse yourself in the room and watch a video interview with Tina Winkhaus¬†and how she decorated this room.
This is a perfect way to immerse the virtual visitor in a place and provide an extra layer of multimedia content contextualized with a space.
Some features of our virtual tours:
  • Compatible with all major mobile browsers, all major desktop browsers and VR headsets.
  • Customisable interactive web layer within the virtual tour.
  • Posibility of integration with spatial audio and chat rooms.
  • Easy to integrate into any web page.
  • Integration with Google streetview.
  • Floorplan with measurements after the tour composition.
  • 3D model view aka “doll house”.
Our 360 Virtual tours are a high quality and affordable alternative to bring immersive experiences to your visitors.
Contact us if you want to know more.