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interactive timeline for touchscreen

When the Ernst Barlach Museum approached us to digitally dust off its content offering, we quickly realised that the heart of the exhibition would be the artist’s timeline. In the past, the museum offered an traditional version with content printed on the walls, where it was possible to understand the different stages of the artist’s life, in relation to his works and, at the same time, events in the art world or politics that undoubtedly affected the development of his work.
Our task here was clear and wellbased on out client’s needs:
  • Design a flexible pipeline and structured working system where the museum researchers could deliver and update textual content, images and videos in a structured and efficient way.
  • Design an experience where visitors can discover by themself the details of the artist, his work and how the world was affecting them.
  • Develop a tactile system to cover more than 3.5 meters in length.
  • Design an attractive, intuitive and at the same time efficient interface that would allow visitors to consult the enormous amount of content that this application offers.
  • Design it in a way that later this timeline is able to be ported to a mobile app (ios and android) and web version
Contact us if you need advice or help with the conception / implementation of interactive content for big format touchscreen for your museum, company or institution