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interactive vr theater experience | der tote tag

In the permanent exhibition of the museum dedicated to Ernst Barlach in Ratzeburg you can enjoy an interactive adaptation of an extract from “der tote tag” in virtual reality.

Contact us if you need advice or help with the conception / implementation of vr 3d 360 video productions.
  • Director: Silke Ababneh from vr4content
  • Concept and adaptation: Silke Ababneh from vr4content
  • Scene and customes: Silke Ababneh from vr4content
  • Art direction: Heike Stockhaus
  • Production: vr4content
  • Actors: Matthias Horn – Kule, Michaela Winterstein – mother, Moritz Sachau – son
  • Equipment, shooting and first postproduction: Sönke Kirchhof, Philipp Wenning and Jessica Zippel from inVR
  • Music & Sound: Hagen Bergmann from
  • Hair & makeup: Leana Ardeleanu
  • Postproduction: Juan Guzman from vr4content
  • Headset app development: Juan Guzman from vr4content
  • thanks to Berliner Kriminal Theater and Xailabs