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Gauthier Dance augmented reality app | danceAR

The ensemble Gauthier Dance / Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart dances through the camera of your smartphone thanks to the new app “DanceAR”, wherever you are!
Augmented reality premieres of the production “Meet the Talents to go” with choreographies by Liliana Barros, Edouard Hue, Muhammed Kaltuk, Philippe Kratz and Theophilus VeselĂ˝.
Thanks to Xailabs Gmbh for counting on vr4content to design the technology strategy, pipeline and develop the app.
Try the app on your device:
Please have in mind before installation:
– The installation is possible only on AR Core (Android) and AR Kit (IOS) compatible devices.
– Due to copyright reasons the app is only available for Google Play and App Store accounts associated with Germany.