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customizable video tool

We had the pleasure to develop for Lindera a customizable tool able to produce illustrative 3d videos for their clients.

Lindera is an amazing young company with an amazing idea. They put artificial intelligence to work for the health of elder citizens.

They are using a mobile app and a AI algorithm to analyse the potential health risks of our elder people.

Their platform deliver a very detailed final report in pdf format, but a customized video can explain much more easily some aspects of the report.

We developed an easy and graphical tool to explain how to correct some mobility routines to reduce the risk of falling down.

With our tool, they can fully customize all the metadata that appears on the video. This is effective way to generate customizable videos for their clients.

We use real-time rendering, so it’s possible to adjust the movement of the camera and point of interest.

Later, we used this content to produce a video (watch it on youtube) explaining how their technology works. This video works as an excellent eye catcher in fairs and booths for marketing purposes.

Let us know in case that your company needs help with the concept or developing content like this let us know