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AR Campaigns without Apps

Using augmented reality (via web AR or Instagram filters) without the need to install a specific app, is an effective way to engage your audience with your brand, make an impact on social media or improve the shopping experience of future customers. Check out this page in your mobile browser and experience the AR experiences below for yourself.

Web AR greetings campaigns | 2020

Here you can check on the left two Web AR examples.
  • Dancing Father Christmas: this campaign turns in to a kind competitive Christmas experience full of love and good wishes. Try it for yourself on your mobile by visiting
  • Happy Easter!: In this campaign we were able to see on social media how our Easter bunny can dance in places we could never have imagined. Check to try it by yourself on a mobile browser.
Here some of the reasons that makes web AR so interesting:
  • 3D preview and compatible with most popular browsers
  • Improved AR experience for mobile compatible with ARCore and ARKit (ios and android) and a light weigh AR experience for older phones.
  • Ability to take pictures/videos during the AR experience and share on social media.
  • Easy to integrate into any website. No need to install dependencies on your hosting/framework
  • Bring your own models and animations or customize ours

Instagram/Facebook  filters campaigns | 2021

From 2019 you can advertise your brand and products with customized augmented reality filters for Instagram and Facebook Stories. AR effects offer huge marketing potential for all businesses. We develop custom filters and AR campaigns to ensure that your brand experience is positive and your message reaches your audience.
In this case we developed a filter to promote on social media the amazing project called “Serbski Tranzit” from Sint Kollectiv that took place on Cottbus.
The filter contains several Polaroid-style background images of the immersive theater experience and invites the user to take a selfie and become part of the album.
Visit the effect page with any mobile that has already Instagram installed.