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Online Courses

Who are conducting the courses?

Silke Ababneh

With a wide background from the analogue world from scenographer, theater and film direction to and expert in the new media, VR, AR, XR, and digital storytelling. She’s already a well know speaker (“Immersive media in public spaces” for Fraunhofer Institute, “Immersive storytelling in museum context” for Focus Museum Brandenburg,…) with expertise also as a teacher (IXDM-Lab at the University of Art and Design of Basel FHNW)

team silke

Juan Guzmán

As telecommunication engineer and digital magician, he
successfully implement interactive experiences for diverse fields in education, culture, marketing or healthcare (Dance AR App for Gauthier Dance Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Harry Potter AR App for Carlsen Verlag, and other immerssive media)
Passionated in electronics, programmer and out of the box thinker.

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Augmented Reality Masterclass

Saturday 10 June 2023
– Module 1. 3 hours. From 11:00 AM GMT+1 to 14:00 PM GMT+2
– Module 2. 3 hours. From 15:00 PM GMT+1 to 18:00 PM GMT+2
For who is this course?
– For marketing managers that wants to understand how they can benefit from AR.
– For social-media-managers that wants to use AR in their campaigns.
– For companies and business that benefits from product placement in AR.
– For curious minds that wants to know best practices and how to implement an AR experience.
– For artists that wants to know how to make their own 3d AR experiences.
– For web developers that wants to know how to integrate 3d content and host an AR experience.
What you get:
– You will end up with a general understanding about how AR works.
– You will learn how augmented reality is being used nowadays for entertainment, marketing and social media.
– You will learn about good and bad practises to design a successful AR experience.
– You will be guided to create your own web AR experience.
Module 1 (3 hours) is the foundation stage where you’ll learn about the technology, techniques, and tools that make AR possible. We will also discuss AR’s role as a brand booster in marketing and the practices to adopt (and avoid) for successful AR experiences.
In Module 2 (3 hours) we’ll dive deeper into the technical aspects. You’ll create and customize your landing page, upload and integrate your 3D model, learn how to link a QR code to your 3D model, and bring your 3D model to life in your environment for a personalized AR experience!
Check our portfolio in our website to know more
What do you need:
– The course is happening in a zoom meeting format (not a webinar), so you will need what you normally need to assist to a zoom meeting. A computer (desktop or laptop) with internet access (any operative system) and a webcam.
– A 3d friendly internet browser installed and updated (google chrome recommended).
– You will need a valid email to be able to register yourself in some platforms.
– If you want to check the results and the full potential of your own web AR experience it would be useful if you have also a mobile phone or tablet supporting AR features ARCore or ARKit. Check here for Android ARCore supported devices or here for Apple IOS ARKit supported devices or send us an email with your device infos)
You don’t need:
– You don’t need previous knowledge in 3d modeling.
(But if you have you will be able to use your own 3d model)
– You don’t need previous knowledge in web development.
(But if you have you will be able to boost your existing website to a higher level)
– You don’t need any other software, services or licenses. Everything it would be managed through the web browser.
– It’s not necessary to pay extra fee to host your web AR experience. We will use an already free service from a third party.
Check our website to see our portfolio