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What is magnifiAR?

magnifiAR is a white label image recognition mobile app. Its well tested, full of features and constantly updated with the last features our clients need.

The app is ready to include your icons, loading screen, brand logo and adapt the visual elements to your corporation color scheme

The app is compatible to run smoothly under IOS and Android

Ready to integrate your content and offer to your users a digital experience

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buy just one app

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Transform your product

Your printed content can be linked to offer your clients a digital experience

  • Link your images to audio, video and 360ยบ content for an complete multimedia impression
  • Allow your customers new ways of payments like Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Its fast, safe and simple
  • Engage your audience connecting your content with social media
  • The app support 3D content, animations and games

Give sales something to say

Develope new strategies for sales and marketing

  • Track and analyze your clients trends and improve in marketing strategies
  • Earn money from revenues just linking products through your app
  • Have a better visibility and differentiation against competitors
  • Conquer other targets groups