mobile web AR is here | 2020

Web AR for mobile devices is here to stay. Last Christmas, at vr4content, we decided to offer our contacts and clients a cute and avant-garde way to congratulate their family and friends. They took our 3d model to dance on their tables while recording a greeting message that they would later share with their loved ones.
We suddenly started receiving videos and pictures shared from our contacts with Father Christmas dancing in totally unexpected places!. It turns in short time in to a kind competitive Christmas experience full of love and good wishes.
Try it for yourself on your mobile by visiting the link vr4content.com/merry-christmas.
  • Compatible with ARCore and ARKit (ios and android)
  • Light and shadow integration according to the environment.
  • Compatible with older phones
  • Compatible with most popular browsers
  • Easy to integrate into any website
  • No need to install dependencies on your hosting/framework
  • Bring your own models and animations or customize ours
  • Concept & Design, 3D & Animation & Integration : vr4content
Contact us if your company needs help designing / implementing engaging experiences with a positive impact on your customers.